Why Choose Us?

What makes My First Peekaboo Ultrasound different?


Many clients wonder what makes us different from an ultrasound at their Doctor's office. Our entire focus is on your family's experience instead of looking for and diagnosing possible medical abnormalities. Because we focus on providing you a fun time of bonding and laughter (and sometimes there are even tears of joy in the room), the experience is much slower paced, more relaxed and without the understandable anxiety many people feel at their medical ultrasounds.


Providing ultrasounds for our clients is not just a job. We truly love what we do and have a sincere understanding of the power of seeing your baby during your time with us. Our passion for providing you a wonderful experience comes from our hearts and you will be able to tell that we are just as excited to see your baby as you are!


At My First Peekaboo Ultrasound, we pride ourselves on constantly seeking new ways to serve our clients better. We upgrade our equipment every few years so that we can provide the best imaging possible. And, to our knowledge, we are the first 3D and 4D ultrasound provider to offer our clients their very own custom app with photographs from their ultrasound session arranged in a beautiful album with a music soundtrack that they can easily show and share with their friends and family via social media.


We allow our clients to customize their ultrasound session so that they receive exactly what they want from their experience with us. The transparency of our prices means there are no surprises or hidden fees (such as extra fees for twins or redo sessions).

No Short Cuts

All of our full 3D and 4D ultrasounds are 25-30 minutes. We do not offer shorter ultrasounds because we have found that this longer time frame significantly increases the quality of your experience and your photos. This is also because we want enough time for your little one to wake up and go through various movements and positions. In addition, there is a trial and error process to getting Mommy and baby into the best possible positions for viewing and shorter ultrasounds simply may not allow enough time for this. In addition, all of our 3D and 4D appointments are scheduled in 1 Hour increments just in case we need to have Mommy get up and walk around and possibly enjoy a piece of chocolate and some cold fruit juice to help wake up the little one.