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Gender Reveal

My first Peekaboo

No more waiting until your 20-week anatomy scan to find out the gender of your baby!!!


Here at My First Peekaboo, we have many options regarding gender reveals. Whether you want to find out immediately in our office, or you would prefer for us to keep it a secret, we are here for you.


Starting at 6 weeks we have our Sneak Peek Early Gender DNA test. During this 15-minute appointment, one of our trained technicians will take a small DNA sample collected with the use of a one-of-a-kind push-button, a microneedle-based device that is placed on the upper arm. (virtually pain-free) At the time of your appointment, you will decide who will get the results by the email you provide. Results are typically back within 2 days.


As early as 14 weeks My First Peekaboo is able to determine the gender by ultrasound. Our technicians are always excited to be able to share the exciting news of boy or girl with our families, however, we understand that Gender Reveal Parties are the new way to share the big news and we are really good at keeping it a secret while in the appointment.

My first Peekaboo

We can either provide you with a sealed envelope with the gender results inside, or you can purchase one of our Gender Reveal Party Packages which includes a wrapped pink or blue HeartBeat Animal for you to open at a later date.

We also have Confetti Cannons and Smoke bombs if you would like to share your big news with a bang. If you have another creative way you would like to announce your gender, please let us know as we are always happy to help make this moment as special as we can.

My first Peekaboo

* If you are coming in for a gender but you want to keep it a secret during the appointment, keep in mind that you will need to keep your eyes closed for much of the appointment. Our technicians will do their absolute best to let you peek at the baby as often as possible but it will depend on what position baby is in. This also goes for your guests you may choose to bring with you, if you do not want them to know at the time of the appointment, they will all be on the honor system when it comes to closing their eyes. With these types of appointments, purchasing the digital video is a great option, this way you can go back and watch the entire ultrasound once you find out your gender.

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